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NUCOR buildings can be designed for a host of functional as well as attractive purposes. The use of other materials such as glass, wood, and masonry can make your Nucor building an appealing as well as a money saving answer to your building need.


The low maintenance features of a Nucor system make your building a great long term investment. We can help you design and build specifically for your particular needs. Don't think that you must plan around rigid manufacturer standards. Nucor is a custom building system and as such, dimensions are based upon measurements to the nearest 1/16". This gives you complete freedom in specifying to your special requirements.


Dix Honda / Nucor Steel

Nucor Buildings have many applications including automobile dealerships, retail centers, community centers, grocery stores, storage centers, schools and warehouses.


As central Pennsylvania's authorized builder of custom-designed Nucor Building Systems, Christopher Kunes provides yet another option for those who require faster construction, lower maintenance costs, lower insurance rates, easily applied energy savings insulation and built-in expandability.



Features and Benefits




Nucor buildings are available in practically any dimension your needs may require. Interior column spacings are adjustable to your particular needs. Nucor offers two quality, cost effective roof systems; the Nucor "CFR"™ or "Classic Roof"™. Both roof systems are quality, cost effective systems that are available with a UL90© classification. If you require a single ply of built-up roof, Nucor can supply a building design solution to accommodate your needs. And Nucor buildings are adaptable to a wide range of wall systems, from our standard Nucor "Classic"™, "RC"™, or "Accent Wall"™ panels, to a range of hard wall systems such as tilt-up, precast, or masonry.


Energy Efficient


Nucor buildings are adaptable to a number of energy efficient insulation systems from basic fiberglass to rigid board. Better insulation systems mean your energy bills become easier to manage. By specifying a low profile roof, you can eliminate unnecessary head room to heat and cool.


Cost Effective


Nucor buildings are designed by registered professional engineers with the aid of some of the industry's most advanced computer systems. Our computer designed system simplifies construction and significantly reduces construction time. This means lower "in-place costs" as well as quicker occupancy of the building.




The low profile roof (1/4 to 12 with the Nucor "CFR"™ and 1/2 to 12 on the Nucor "Classic Roof"™) in combination with various available wall systems can create an attractive and low maintenance structure. Nucor buildings also offer the building owner a clean interior which is bound by fewer interior columns.




The Galvalume® finish on the Nucor "CFR"™ and the Nucor "Classic Roof"™ system is one of the most trusted products on the market today. Galvalume® requires very little maintenance and comes with a 20-year material warranty. Wall systems are painted with a durable, long lasting Silicone Polyester paint that is available with a 20-year finish warranty. Silicone Polyester paint is a recognized standard of product quality for exterior building wall systems. Both of these long life products assure a cost effective and attractive building for years to come.


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